Meet the Teacher

Meet Un Shin Cindy Beach, Sensei

Cindy began her study of Buddhism in 1965, and practiced meditation on her own until she began her formal Zen practice in 1996. She was Lay-Ordained in 1997 by Taitaku Pat Phelan at The Chapel Hill Zen Center in the Soto Zen lineage of The San Francisco Zen Center and Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.

Cindy moved to Savannah, GA in 2001, where the UU Church of Savannah welcomed Cindy’s offer to start a meditation group at the church. In 2002, she began hand-sewing zafus and zabutons (meditation cushions and mats) for the Zendo (meditation room), and the group took life. In 2004, she introduced the formal practice of Soto Zen to the then called, Savannah Buddhist Sitting Group. Cindy, then carrying the dharma name, Yugyo Do Myo, led 4 sesshins (retreats), in that time and two more in the past two years led by Taiun Michael Elliston, Abbot of the Atlanta Soto Zen Center, her previous Teacher.

In June of 2008, Cindy was ordained onto the Priest Path by the Abbott, and was officially installed as Head Teacher of the newly named Savannah Zen Center. At that time she assisted the Abbot in the Initiation Ceremony of three of her students. Cindy is also student to Seirin Barbara Kohn, Abbess of The Austin Zen Center.

The Savannah Zen Center moved into its permanent home at 111 E. 34th Street on August 3rd, 2011. Renovations to the center began promptly, concurrent with daily periods of Zazen (meditation). Landscaping and gardening are ongoing and speak to the beauty of the monastic space.

Un Shin Cindy Beach Sensei was fully ordained Priest on September 29, 2013 In addition to her role as Head Teacher/Priest, Un Shin is also a Sewing Teacher in Training, and worked with her sewing teacher Kaaren Wiken  in the sewing of the Rakusu, for 6 members of The Savannah Zen Center Sangha.  Those individuals were Lay-Ordained on May 5, 2013 by Taiun Michael Elliston at the Savannah Zen Center.

Un Shin  is a retired psychotherapist, and Certified Life Coach, offering Buddhist-Based Coaching at Zen Center. A Reiki Master, Cindy offers Reiki sessions and personal or group Attunements at Zen Center.

Cindy Beach Sensei officiates weddings, birthings, funerals etc.

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